Toucan LuLu - vacation rental Belize
Placencia, Belize

Rates & Specials at Toucan Lulu

Room Type Season Nightly 3 Nights 5 Nights 1 Week 10 Nights 14 Nights
Cabana 1 Summer
July 1st - Nov 30th
$100 $210 $350 $455 $650 $900
Dec 1st - June 30th
$100 $285 $475 $630 $900 $1220
Room Type Season Nightly 3 Nights 5 Nights 1 Week 10 Nights 14 Nights
2 & 3
July 1st - Nov 30th
$80 $210 $350 $455 $650 $900
Dec 1st - June 30th
$80 $285 $475 $630 $900 $1220

Booking & Cancellation Policy

DEPOSITS - 50% Deposit is required upon confirmation and balance due 30 days before arrival.

CANCELLATION/REFUND - All cancellations must be made in writing and acknowledged as received by the vacation rental.

  • No shows or prematuredepartures no refund.
  • Cancellation fees will be deducted from all refunds.
  • 45 days (60 days for winter season) or more before arrival - fullrefund
  • 30-44 days 50% Refund. (45-59 days for winter season)
  • 29 days or less (44 days or less for winter season) beforearrival: No refund.

CURRENCY - Paymentsmust be made in US Dollars. Sender must pay for any and all banktransfer fees. We also accept MasterCard and Visa.

Upon arrival aMasterCard or Visa credit card is needed as a deposit againstincidental charges incurred during the stay. If a guest does not havea credit card then a deposit of US $150 (BZ $300) per person will berequired. No personal checks or American Express cards will beaccepted in Belize.

Please note: Charges tocredit cards processed in Belize will be in Belize dollars.Toucan Lulu is not responsible for any currency rate of exchangevariances applied by banks.

CHANGES INRESERVATION - Theunused portion of Cabana are non-transferableand not refundable. Trips cancelled as a result of inclement weatherand/or acts of God are non-transferable and not refundable. ToucanLulu is not responsible for missed or delayed flights!

PROOF OFCITIZENSHIP/VISA REQUIREMENTS - Guestsare responsible for determining and obtaining proper entrydocumentation. All foreign nationals require a passport to enter Belize.Visitors from some countries may require a visa. No refunds will begranted for denied entry caused by failure to carry proper proof ofcitizenship or the appropriate visa.

INSURANCE - ToucanLulu strongly encourages all guests to purchase medical, accident,luggage, emergency trip cancellation and dive insurance.

Parents should be awarethat they will be responsible for the supervision and entertainment oftheir children while staying at the Vacation Rental.

Toucan Lulu Private Cabanas
Placencia Village, Belize

Belize: 501 667 3501
Belize: 501 625 7915
US/Canada: 289 588 1849
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